1. Voyager Solutions

    Solutions for Small Organizations
    You've heard of 'enterprise solutions'? We believe that small organizations should leverage technology to their advantage too. If you find yourself saying, 'there has got to be a better way of doing this', those are the problems we solve. We call that providing 'Voyager Solutions'.
    Assess: Sometimes it's hard just to know where you are and where to start; we can help.
    Recommend: Drawing on broad experience with many different tools and processes we can provide multiple options that best fit your organization.
    Provide: Depending on what you need, we can offer one-time or on-going services. Everything from custom tool development to managed services.
  2. Security

    Computer Security Services
    With certified computer security experts, Protomentat can provide a full range of security services.
    Security Assessment
    Best Practices
    Hardware Solutions
    Software Solutions
    Network to End User
    Penetration Testing
  3. Governance, Risk and Compliance

    Goverance, Risk and Compliance

    Protecting your organization is no longer a matter of just installing a firewall and anti-virus software. The security landscape is an increasingly complex and continuously evolving tangle of zero-day vulnerabilities, software patches, industry standards and government regulations.

    Protomentat has the expertise to help you navigate that landscape from beginning to end.